Our Mission

free access to financial products and services for all

People anywhere in the world should have easy access to capital markets everywhere. All financial products and services can be tokenized and decentralized.

3rd Avenue is a decentralised platform to trade any thing with valid price feed through ERC20 token.

Our Serivices

You are in complete Control

Investor has complete control over their funds and their privacy.

Access to the trading platform through smart phone wallet, offering superior user experience.



Our Platform

Decentralised Trading Venue built on top of Blockchain is censorship resistant and most secure.

Community Trading

Collateral pool enables community participation and provides counterparty-less trading.

Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO)

Controlled by DAO with Smart Contracts automate all processes reducing friction.

Never Offline

Available 24/7/365.

Universal Market Access for free